Assertiveness, Influencing Skills and Conflict Management for Women

About the Course

Do you have difficulty saying “no”, or speaking up to ensure your ideas and views are heard? Or maybe your outspoken and aggressive approach hinders the progress you are trying to make?   

Assertive behaviour enables us to act in our best interests and exercise personal rights without violating the rights of others or damaging relationships.  

Who should attend?

Assertiveness, Influence and Conflict Management for Women Managers is designed for women managers who want to find the balance, get things done and get what they want while building their credibility and integrity.   


Past attendee testimonials

“I attended a Bright*star “Assertiveness, Influencing skills and Conflict Management for Women Managers” workshop in March this year.  The techniques presented are practical and relate directly to the day to day challenges faced when in a management position.  The workshop size was small and friendly and I came back to work with fresh ideas and renewed enthusiasm. The tutor was extremely knowledgeable and approachable, both her style and content were professional yet relaxed, it was obvious she has in depth knowledge and a passion for the subjects covered. I would not hesitate to attend another Bright*star course if the opportunity arises in the future.”

Kelly Ash, Chartered Accountant, Business One Ltd

“Pamela’s willingness to assist, her communication skills as someone to imitate, and her enthusiasm, was way beyond the advertised scope of the course!” 

Nicola Kinzett, Self-employed


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  Leadership Development for Women

Course Outline


Common Myths and Facts around Gender Communication

  • Our social conditioning and how it impacts on how we communicate
  • Men and Women – how and why we communicate differently
  • How can we get it wrong around communication, credibility and conflict?
  • Avoiding the pitfalls – common mistakes that women make

Activity Challenge: Analysing what we do well and our potential pitfalls

The Assertive Woman

  • The assertiveness continuum – extremes, middle ground and starting points
  • Assertiveness – understanding what it means and how we can master it
  • Exploring our skills in speaking up, being clear and authentic
  • Saying “no” when you need to and feeling good about it
  • Enhancing your assertiveness through diplomacy and tact

Activity Challenge: What would you say?  Testing your assertiveness skills

Cultivating your Power and Influence

  • Structuring what we say for better impact and credibility
  • Finding ways to give feedback and ask for change – even when it’s your boss
  • Your response “toolkit” – phrases that help you to control your defensiveness
  • Re-calibrating your mindset for optimal confidence
  • How body language can impact on your ability to be persuasive

Activity Challenge: Practising your feedback skills

Conflict and Courageous Conversations

  • Understanding the levels and common causes of conflict
  • Examining your conflict management style and what that means
  • Mental errors we make that affect our perspective
  • EQ and the notions of empathy and self-control

Activity Challenge: Exploring your personal approach to conflict





Pamela Cronin

Pamela Cronin has more than 15 years' experience working with organisations across the public and private sectors.

Pamela’s reputation for achieving results through training makes her the ideal course facilitator for any management skills course. Her training combines rich, contemporary theory and stimulating activity, providing practical tips and advice.

Pamela’s professional and relaxed facilitation style helps participants to progress their skills and achieve insights relevant to their work. Pamela draws on her expertise in the areas of people management, business strategy, communication and team development to deliver challenging learning in a personable way. She is an accredited Team Management Index (TMI) Facilitator, and is the author of the Brooker’s New Zealand ‘Guide to Training and Development’. Pamela has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), majoring in Service Management, Entrepreneurship and New Ventures and Tourism Marketing.

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