Leadership for Women

About the Course

Many women leaders today are torn between the often conflicting demands of career, personal life and wellbeing. The pressure can be intense, and the “price of promotion” too high to pay.

The sessions in this course are highly interactive, and designed to stimulate not just your thinking, but your deeper senses of intuition and knowing. You will leave with an expanded sense of what’s possible and what’s right for you, plus some great skills in relating to others, building effective teams, managing change, and surviving the rigors of the workplace whilst maintaining balance in your life. 



  • Teamwork Inventory for assessing the current state of your team
  • Polarity Map for making difficult decisions
  • Goal-setting made simple
  • 10 + 1 ways to manage time and beat stress
  • Advice from some of today’s female leaders
  • Reading list



*2 DAY TRAINING ONLY. Registrations must be from the same company, made at the same time & the same course.


“Very interactive environment and a very enthusiastic and passionate trainer. I really enjoyed the shared experiences of others. It really was the best training session I’ve been too – Robyn does a fantastic job of connecting with everyone, and at all levels!” 

Sue Porter, Horizons Regional Council, PA Secretary Corporate & Governance attended this course in February 2012




Approaches to leadership

  • Leadership styles:  traditional vs. “next generation”
  • Integrating the skills of management and leadership for maximum effectiveness
  • Creating high performance and high commitment
  • Implications for managing change


Exploring your own leadership style and potential as a leader

  • Understanding your personal power and where it comes from
  • Peeling the Onion: An exercise to reveal what drives you, and what holds you back
  • Harnessing both your strengths, and your “weaknesses” for greater energy and effectiveness
  • Building the courage to put yourself in service of your highest purpose, and inspire others to do the same
  • Devising action steps and a support plan to achieve this   


Communication and conflict mastery

  • How to truly listen so others feel heard
  • How to talk so others will listen
  • Using 110% presence to radically improve the quality of your relationships
  • Managing conflict with courage and grace
  • A step-by step guide to difficult conversations
  • Practice with “real life” scenarios 

Thriving and surviving as a woman leader

  • Work/life balance – a critical issue for female leaders
  • Recognising and managing stress
  • Building resilience to get you through the hard times
  • Tips for dealing with guilt, jealousy and criticism
  • Negotiating organisational politics, power and gender issues
  • Presenting and promoting yourself as a leader
  • Coaching as a powerful tool for developing yourself and your staff


Robyn Wynne-Lewis

Robyn Wynne-Lewis is the founder and co-owner of a Hawke’s-Bay based business consultancy that specialises in leadership development. As a professional trainer and coach, Robyn works with individuals and teams from the corporate, private and government sectors. She is the lead facilitator in New Zealand and Australia of a three and a half day residential retreat known as the Leadership Development Intensive (LDI). The LDI has attracted clients from leading organisations including Les Mills International, SKY Network Television, TVNZ, and The Reserve Bank.

Robyn’s approach to leadership development goes beyond tips and techniques. She engages people in the deeper exploration of what inspires them to perform, and what keeps that inspiration alive. Robyn has trained and worked with John Scherer, author of Work and the Human Spirit, an internationally recognised leadership consultant and coach.

Robyn’s background includes five years as a Health Service Manager, 10 years as a Hellerwork Practitioner, and three years as a secondary school teacher. Her lively, open manner is complemented by an ability to connect and work deeply with people, enabling them to reach new levels of personal discovery.

In-house Training

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