About Us

Brightstar is New Zealand's leading training company. We have an incredible array of training courses. We train Individuals (our public courses), we train Teams (our in-house courses), we coach and we train your whole organisation.
  • In-house & customised courses - We train your teams
  • Public courses - We train your individuals
  • Executive coaching - We work closely focused on professional development

In-house & customised courses - your best business improvement investment

In-house training is well proven as the most effective method to create performance improvement in your people. And improved people performance is the only way to deliver improved business improvement. Bright*Star Training is NZ's most recognised corporate training provider. We can cater for almost any training need and we're local.
People love us because we:

  • Customise to your needs
  • Deliver great value
  • Create effective learning outcomes
  • Act fast – we are responsive

Public courses - perfect for an individual training need

We have a strong calendar of public courses which can be accessed by any individual. Perfect for that one team member who needs support in a particular area for improved performance.

Executive coaching - a wrap around service

Many of our clients use coaching as a wrap around service to support their investment in key individuals. A coaching relationship could include a combination of elements of face-to-face, telephone conversations and email. From a one-off session to meetings on a monthly basis with the option of increasing frequency as the need arises. As each client is different, each coaching programme is too.

This relationship is a partnership focused on your needs. We provide a tailored and flexible approach that allows you to work through the challenges you face in your role.

We offer coaching which is built around creating success with a programme tailored to work with your learning style and working environment.

The programme could also involve an expert coach facilitating an Executive Team in a providing a neutral and independent perspective in a high trust environment.

Coaching could target one or more of the following:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Building self-confidence
  • Developing soft skills
  • Career Development
  • Work on creating a 5 year plan
  • Assertiveness
  • Personality profiling
  • Knowing me - knowing you

BrightStar is part of the Excellerant Group which includes: (conferenz logo) (brightstar logo) (fairmax logo)

We have been in business in NZ for 20 years. We are local and proud of it. All of our knowledge, expertise and experience is about taking the best the world has to offer and applying it to your training need. That's not to say we're confined to New Zealand, having provided our training services across the ditch in Australia and as far away as Mauritius.

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