Code of conduct policy


Brightstar is intent on creating quality events within a safe and respectful environment for all attendees to learn, share knowledge, express their thoughts and opinions and network. Our code of conduct requires all attendees and stakeholders to act in a manner that is harassment-free respectful of people, be it gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, body image, race or religion.

People who attend our courses are of different ages, nationalities and genders with different personal and life experiences, a wide range of social norms and values, and all present need to be sensitive to this. We do want our sessions to be fun and engaging to enhance learning, so please be thoughtful with the use of humour which may unintentionally cause offense or be out of step for today’s world.

Presentations and content offered in the various formats within our events must be inclusive, respectful and devoid of content/images of a sexual/discriminatory or offensive nature.

The code of conduct also extends to:

  • inappropriate approaches of a sexual nature and aggressive behaviour during the event
  • offensive comments during the event

Any attendee that is deemed to be violating the code of conduct may be removed from our event without refund, at the discretion of the organisers. If you have any concerns about conduct at a Brightstar event, please contact [email protected]

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