Employment Law Essentials for Managers

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This course will provide an introduction to NZ Employment Law and how it applies to the workplace including: 

  • Employment Relations Act 2000 
  • Holidays Act 2003 
  • Privacy Act 2020 
  • Human Rights Act 1993 
  • Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 


Employment Relations Act 

  • Identify how to comply with the duty to ‘act in good faith as a manager 

  • Apply fair and reasonable decisions in management to reduce the risk of personal grievances 


Following a Defensible Recruitment Process  

  • Ensure you have a defensible recruitment process from the job advertisement through to the selection 

  • Explore how to lawfully recruit the right staff and follow fair selection processes 

  • Identify how to interview job applicants so you comply with human rights and privacy laws 

  • Apply best practice when offering staff employment to ensure the relationship gets off to a good start 


Employment Contracts & Holidays, Sick leave & Entitlements 

  • Ensuring your Employment agreement is clear and complete 

  • Identify staff entitlements to holidays and leave 

  • Manage requests for holidays and parental leave 

  • Manage sick leave and reduce absenteeism 


Managing Performance & Relationships  

  • Explain the difference between ‘poor performance’ and ‘misconduct’ 

  • List key requirements in managing poor performance 

  • Identify a fair and reasonable disciplinary process for misconduct 

  • Manage proper process in investigation and disciplinary meetings 

  • Explore processes for resolving employment relationship problems 


Protecting your employees and yourself with good Health & Safety compliance and management 

  • Protect your employees with an overview of your Health and Safety obligations relating to  
  • Duties and responsibilities of PCBUs to ensure safety at work 

psychological Safety & Social Hazards e.g. stress and bullying 


Covid-19- special considerations 

  • Sickness Entitlements 
  • Health and Safety Obligations 
  • Human Rights and Vaccinations 
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