Food Safety, Risk and Compliance Conference

Towards a safe and sustainable food system

Event Details


This event has been rescheduled for 15 June 2022. If you had booked on the March event your booking has been transferred to the 15 June 2022 date and you do not need to do anything further.


In today’s food and beverage industry, companies must be ready not only to mitigate disruptions but to communicate these strategies with consumers.  This 1-day conference addresses recent advances in food science, smart technologies and best management practices that can make a difference towards improving food safety.


Event themes:

  • Legislation & regulatory landscape
  • Leadership & resilience
  • The next frontier of food safety


Hot topics include:

  • Pivoting the food safety message to fit today’s concerns
  • Panel discussion: Partnership working and cross-sector collaboration to ensure food safety best practice
  • Navigating change regulatory requirements for the Chinese export market
  • Instilling a food safety culture to enable sustainable business growth
  • Adapting to supply chain disruption: Keeping food moving
  • The evolution of food e-commerce: What does this mean for food safety