Governance and Board Management Skills for EAs & PAs

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Principles of good corporate governance

  • Governance – understand what “governance” is
  • Importance of good governance
  • What good governance looks like           
  • Matters the Board needs to address


Board Structure

  • Roles and responsibilities of the Board
  • Roles and responsibilities of CEO/ management
  • Role of the Chair
  • Board composition
  • Factors which influence Board effectiveness

Board Practice and Processes

  • Board meetings
  • Board agenda and work plan
  • Board papers
  • Board committees
  • Other board practices
  • Board charter – “code of conduct”


Role of the EA as Board Secretary

  • Responsibilities of Board Secretary
  • Interests/ Conflicts of Interest Register
  • Minutes – draft stage and approval process
  • Online Board Papers
  • Confidentiality, Security and retention records
  • Policy register and review
  • Role of the “Company Secretary”
  • Looking for areas of improvement

Understanding Directors’ legal duties and obligations

  • The Companies Act and Directors’ Duties
  • Legal cases and NZ legislation
  • Trusts and Trustees


Changing role of and expectations placed on the Board

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Risk
  • Health & Safety