People Management Skills for Technical Professionals

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Going from being a technical expert to a leader of people often requires a different focus. Technical experts have often been promoted to leadership roles because they are very knowledgeable and experienced in their subject matter, but when it comes to people things often seem a bit more complex. Rather than being the expert, the technical leader needs to transfer technical expertise to team members to support their development and to increase performance which may require some new behaviours. Fortunately, the skills that most technical managers already possess can, with the right understanding, be used to enhance performance, address issues and create an engaged workforce.

A fundamental challenge for most leaders is motivating good performers to keep up the good work and coaching poor performers to do better, as well as managing the people above.  In short, a leader has to be skilled at managing human behaviour.  Fortunately, we don’t need a psychology degree to effectively manage performance. What we do need is a basic understanding of the rules of behaviour and some practical strategies to apply those philosophies.

This two-day training course is designed to provide an understanding of how people behave in the workplace together with simple but effective tools to guide and motivate staff and to deal constructively with performance issues.  The workshop is skills based, interactive and even entertaining. 

Who should attend
This Training course has been created for all those responsible for managing employees or a team, specifically those from technical industries.

Course topics include:

  • The role of the manager and clarifying expectations
  • Understanding organisational realities
  • Avoiding common management pitfalls and traps
  • The role of emotion in management
  • Improving relationships and influencing through listening
  • Communication styles and communicating successfully
  • Delegation, autonomy, empowerment and motivation
  • Coaching and development
  • Managing resistance and motivating positively
  • Addressing difficult performance issues and challenges
  • Building high performing teams

Past attendee testimonials

"I found the course content extremely valuable and I learnt several new techniques that I can apply to myself.  I also gained some valuable insight into who I am and how that affects my team. I really enjoyed the course and would certainly recommend to others. The delivery was great as well, I found Keith to be very personable and really great at finding ways to apply the course content to my role (and the other attendees) specifically."
Tessa Spencer ANZIIF (Snr Assoc) CIP, Technical Claims Specialist, Southern Response Earthquake Services ltd

"My compliments to Keith for his professional expertise and great training program. I personally feel much more confident working after the training and using the techniques"
Sergio Prieto, Technical Manager, Downer ITS

"What a great course! Keith is a great presenter and I came away with so many ideas that I can use to manage my team, my managers and my work"
Katrina Grange, Financial Accountant, Optimation NZ Ltd


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  • 17 - 18 Aug 2022