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Optimise organisational culture, engagement, climate & leadership for success

Most people have heard the quote “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” and with the right culture, your organisation can achieve the boldest strategic goals. Your organisation’s culture is the behavioral backdrop that your people encounter every day when going about their work.

Some cultures facilitate agility, others can be heavier and harder to operate in and changing culture can feel like swimming against the tide. We help you work your culture to allow optimum performance.

An organisation’s optimal culture is unique

Designing and building the right culture, will allow you to move smoothly towards success, bringing your strategy to life. A culture that is at odds with the strategy, however, can lead to frustration, hinder progress and stifle change and transformation. Brightstar can work with your executive team facilitating the design and build of the optimum organisational landscape.

As Culture, Climate, Engagement & Leadership Development work in harmony together we go beyond culture, to take a snapshot of other aspects of your organisation so that you can optimise all of your performance levers.

The Steps

We work with your executive team to define the culture that will bring your strategy to life.

We will measure your current culture to identify your organisation’s strengths and development opportunities. This is done through organisational assessments, focus groups and one to one interviews, to provide both a quantitative and qualitative view.

Following analysis of the data and focus group feedback, we deliver the results, themes, and insights to your organisation.

We then work with you to create individual and organisational development action plans giving your organisation a high-performance blueprint.

Leadership Development and Coaching

We develop a leadership development framework to keep your organisation on track and to align the leadership development to the areas that will deliver the most impact. Your organisation wide leadership development programme, is customised to compliment the strengths and development areas identified, supporting the desired culture and leadership behaviours. Programmes can be delivered as a series of development sessions, as group training and through individual coaching.

Assessment and Diagnostic Tools

Brightstar uses a range of powerful psychometric assessment tools which have been developed based on years of rigorous research, reviews, and numerous validation studies. You can have full confidence in the data and results, knowing that the insights generated can guide you to the areas that will create the most impact for your organisation to help you measure your progress on this journey.

Strategic Culture Gauge

Measures 24 performance-enhancing cultural qualities.

Organisational Climate

Measures the collective experience of the systems, practices and processes that exist in the organisation.

Employee Engagement

Measures the extent to which your employees are emotionally connected to the organisation.

Leadership 360/ 180

Measures leadership behaviours to identify strengths and development areas. Can be mapped to your culture goals.

More tools available

Other psychometrics and work styles tools available as required.

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