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    We address the following essential core components to transformational learning that delivers performance results:

    From Needs Analysis to Performance: Structure, System and Process

    •     Defining and constructing Learning or Training Needs Analysis (L/TNA)
    •     Aligning L/TNA with organisational values and performance deliverables
    •     Identifying and measuring ROI (return on investment) and success criteria
    •     Creating effective evaluation methodology
    •     Applying the 80/20 rule for effective learning and performance
    •     Building on the learning cycle and options for learning
    •     Applied learning programmes
    •     Building a learning framework (subject-specific)
    •     Clarifying the role of Managers’ managing learning
    •     Defining and managing performance improvement needs vs. training

    Creating Effective Transformational Learning within the Classroom

    •     Designing transformational activities
    •     Utilising diverse methodology in the right way, at the right time
    •     Exploring the dynamic between learners’ compliance and commitment
    •     Creating 3D (3 Dimensional) learning
    •     Developing effective course structure
    •     Enhancing the 4 learning styles for maximum benefit
    •     Flexing your own facilitator style to achieve learning outcomes and create powerful learning experiences

    High Level Facilitation within the Classroom

    •     Establishing the right environment: scene setting and culture development
    •     Establishing and facilitating boundaries that make it easy for you
    •     Working with the theory of group dynamics to your advantage
    •     Identifying and managing informal roles within groups
    •     Making use of 4 personality types within the classroom
    •     Effectively managing the extremes of the behaviour type within the classroom
    •     Managing interference and disruption with respect
    •     Managing yourself under pressure and facilitating to achieve results
    •     The value and use of intuition and flexing within learning objectives for maximum learning
    •     Identifying you Emotional intelligence level and using EI at work in your classroom for you and your participants
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