Applying lean thinking in your organisation

Event Details

    Understanding Lean Principles

    • Getting to understand what your customer really values and how to deliver it.
    • How to develop great processes and engage employees in the improvement journey
    • Pull and flow, the principles companies struggle with
    • Continuing to seek perfection and what that really means

    Implementing Lean

    • Examine the difference ways to implement change into your business.
    • Develop a framework for implementation
    • Understand the different roles and responsibilities for real transformation
    • Discuss how Lean strategically fits into your organisation
    • Thinking differently about how people see problems

    Lean Tools

    • Apply and understand the power of 5s workplace organisation in any environment
    • Develop a standard operating procedure and understand why they are so valuable
    • Create a Value Stream Map and identify improvements
    • The importance and simplicity of Action Plans
    • How to manage improvements across an organisation
    • Apply quick changeover principles in a practical manner

    What to Measure

    • dentify what you currently measure and if it reflects what the customer sees
    • Develop a set of measures that focus on quality, cost and delivery from the customers eyes
    • A framework for implementation in your organisation
    • Focus on improving measures and engaging the workforce
    • Creating the environment where people strive to improve

    The impact change has on people

    • Change is all around us, good and bad
    • Why do we reject change and worry when we need to do something differently
    • How do people overcome these challenges?
    • What can management do to support the impact of change
    • How Lean is seen from the eyes of support functions such as finance and HR

    Differences between improvement methodologies

    • What improvement methodologies are there?
    • The history of Lean, Deming, Quality Circles, 6 Sigma and others
    • The benefits they bring and why some have come and gone
    • Hierarchical levels of improvement, strategic and operational

    Attendees will also learn what makes a successful Lean journey. Whilst the tools and techniques are simple and easily understood many organisations fail to understand what is required to create a Lean organisation that will deliver consistent customer value. The day will identify the critical few, the success factors that make the difference between success and failure and ultimately a sustainable Lean organisation. Topics include:

    • What does Best Practice Lean implementation look like
    • How people react to change, the positive and negative
    • How to communicate effectively, and why we get it so wrong
    • We answer the question, if it’s so simple why do some companies fail?
    • Where should change begin, and what does commitment look like


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