Assertiveness, Influencing Skills and Conflict Management for Women

19 - 20 Nov 2019Auckland$2099 + GST
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  • 19 - 20 Nov 2019
  • Super saver price $2099 + GST
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  • Last minute price $2399 + GST

Common Myths and Facts around Gender Communication

  • Our social conditioning and how it impacts on how we communicate
  • Men and Women – how and why we communicate differently
  • How can we get it wrong around communication, credibility and conflict?
  • Avoiding the pitfalls – common mistakes that women make
  • Activity Challenge: Analysing what we do well and our potential pitfalls


The Assertive Woman

  • The assertiveness continuum – extremes, middle ground and starting points
  • Assertiveness – understanding what it means and how we can master it
  • Exploring our skills in speaking up, being clear and authentic
  • Saying “no” when you need to and feeling good about it
  • Enhancing your assertiveness through diplomacy and tact
  • Activity Challenge: What would you say?  Testing your assertiveness skills


Cultivating your Power and Influence

  • Structuring what we say for better impact and credibility
  • Finding ways to give feedback and ask for change – even when it’s your boss
  • Your response “toolkit” – phrases that help you to control your defensiveness
  • Re-calibrating your mindset for optimal confidence
  • How body language can impact on your ability to be persuasive
  • Activity Challenge: Practising your feedback skills


Conflict and Courageous Conversations

  • Understanding the levels and common causes of conflict
  • Examining your conflict management style and what that means
  • Mental errors we make that affect our perspective
  • EQ and the notions of empathy and self-control
  • Activity Challenge: Exploring your personal approach to conflict
  • 19 - 20 Nov 2019
  • Super saver price $2099 + GST
  • Super saver ends on 24 Sep - Save $300
  • Last minute price $2399 + GST
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