Asset Integrity Management Masterclass

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    Do you have the appropriate asset data and information to support your asset enhancement decisions?

    The Asset Integrity Masterclass teaches strategies for maintaining or improving reliability of existing assets, how to understand and manage asset failure risk, what typical data and information systems are needed for sound decision-making, and how to justify asset enhancement spend.

    Our expert facilitator will guide you through the techniques, tools and knowledge that are needed in order for asset managers to make sound asset investment decisions that will satisfy Regulators and their stakeholders.

    Key learning Outcomes

    • Gain insight into asset integrity management’s place within overall asset management strategy
    • Assess asset health and translate it into a meaningful life-cycle risk profile
    • Monitor and manage long term average asset performance
    • Identify, quantify and manage asset failure risk
    • Understand the barriers to long-term asset integrity
    • Make sound business cases for asset enhancement
    • Understand the potential influence of new H&S legislation on future integrity-related decisions

    Real-world application 

    Participants will be asked to reflect on their asset integrity challenges in a pre-course questionnaire. Discussing selected case studies under Chatham House Rules, you will walk away with possible solutions that are immediately applicable.   


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