Best Practice Employment Interviews for Employers

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    The job interview is one of the most powerful tool and process to evaluate a candidate. It is critical for employers to develop and structure interviews that not only factors in relevant skills and experience but also includes behavioural competencies to assess the candidate’s cultural fit.
    In an increasingly litigious society, every hiring manager must be aware of the relevant legislation and how some topics/questions are not permissible as interview questions or risk facing a lawsuit. Best Practice Employment Interview for Employers is a practical one-day seminar where you will be actively engaged in discussions and practical exercises laced with practical advice and real-life tips to help you build your confidence in mastering the employment interview. By attending this course you can Gain more from interviews and hire the best candidates for your organisation and also clarify and understand what you’re legally allowed/not allowed to ask.


    New Skills You will Learn

    • Structuring Interviews and Developing Interview Questions
    • Exploring and Understanding Relevant Legislation
    • Conducting the Interview
    • Detecting Deception
    • Optimising Reference Checks
    • Post Interview Process


    All attendees to a Brightstar course receive a Certificate of Accreditation acknowledging their training and their journey to New Skills, New Thinking.
    Independent research has verified that this recognition is highly valued by your employees.

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