Best Practice Employment Interviews for Employers

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    Structuring Interviews and Developing Interview Questions

    • Developing a competency matrix
    • Structuring you advertising, response and pre-interviews to competencies
    • Determining if technical/psychometric testing will assist you in the selection process
    • Develop interviewing forms containing objective criteria to serve as checklists
    • When to use open and closed questions
    • Distinguishing between ‘values’ and ‘factual’ questions
    • How do attitudes, values and prejudices relate to the interviewing process?
    • Determining the best answers or scoring weight prior to the interview

    Practical Exercises: Preparing a behavioural competency based set of interview questions, creating a competency matrix

    Exploring and Understanding Relevant Legislation

    • Familiarising with topics that aren’t permissible as interview questions
    • Why you shouldn’t ask certain questions
    • Legislation
    • Human Rights Act
    • Employment Relations Act
    • Privacy Act
    • Examples of statements to avoid during the interview process that could be alleged to create a contract of employment

    Conducting the Interview

    • The structured behavioural interview
    • Preparing the environment
    • Eliminating/minimising distractions
    • Adopting a flexible interview structure
    • How to incorporate risk management into your interviewing process
    • Working in tandem with a partnering interviewer
    • Keeping track of time
    • How to create a positive experience for the potential candidate

    Detecting Deception

    • Recognising deception
    • Verbal cues
    • Inconsistencies
    • Avoidance of a clear answer
    • Validating and checking responses

    Optimising Reference Checks

    • Using indirect behavioural interviewing to gain deeper insights
    • What are the legal issues around reference checking?

    Post Interview Process

    • Analysing information gathered from the interview
    • Assessing candidates and summarising suitability
    • Providing feedback
    • Declining candidates in a positive and constructive manner
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