Best Practice Facilities Management

29 - 30 Jul 2019Auckland$2399 + GST
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30 - 31 Oct 2019Auckland$2099 + GST
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Overview of trends and developments in FM

  • Functions of facilities management
  • Importance of FM in your organisation
  • How is the role and responsibilities of FM evolving?
  • Significance of context, organisation, settings, people, process and time for FM

Facilities Management - Strategy

  • Aligning corporate and FM objectives
  • Integrating planning and management of assets and support services
  • Establishing stakeholder expectations
  • Managing the performance mix of inputs, outcomes and outputs
  • The development of the successful FM Business Plan

Development of the Appropriate FM dashboard for Your Business

  • The structure and elements of a successful SLA
  • Developing your SLA for any service or product
  • The Balanced Scorecard and how is it utilised?
  • Negotiating the implementation of the performance focused

Building Services - Operations and Maintenance

  • Asset and building management
  • Matching facilities and services to the business needs
  • Understanding the building structure and how your building services work
  • Engineering and operation services – Electricity, Lighting, Water, Gas
  • Vertical and horizontal transportation
  • Building management systems
  • How significant is the expense of building services to your facility?
  • How to cost effectively manage building services

Dealing with Agents, Suppliers and Contractors

  • Establishing requirements for maintenance specifications
  • Agents, suppliers and contractors selection
  • Obtaining quotes and the tendering process
  • Getting the best value from suppliers and contractors

Managing and Getting the Most from Your SLA

  • SLAs and quality assessment
  • Terms and conditions to include in a SLA
  • Negotiating the terms of an SLA
  • Periodic reviews of services in SLA

Workspace Management

  • Workspace strategies & management

Sustainability Management

  • Models, Frameworks and rating tools
  • Reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions
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