Building a High Performing Finance Team

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    No matter the size or the sector of a company, high performing finance teams are a critical factor to succeed in the fast-paced business environment. High performing finance teams don't just 'happen' but are the result of long-term planning, good management and positive leadership.

    Use the pre -workshop questionnaire to assess how your team currently rates against core criteria for high performing finance teams. Use our leadership models to get clear on your preferred leadership and influencing styles.  Explore how build more flexible and adaptable leadership and influencing styles and the role you play in creating a high performance finance team.  Explore the ideal composition of your finance team, and identify the factors that determine your finance team’s success.

    You will leave with a personal action plan to take you and your team towards higher performance and practical tools to support you.


    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Assessment of your team against high performance criteria
    • Understanding what makes finance teams successful
    • Your leadership role in creating high performance
    • Understand your preferred leadership and influencing styles and how to adapt them to achieve best outcomes for you and your team 
    • The dream finance team composition to meet your business strategy
    • Developing high performing finance talent - engage, motivate and retain your key people
    • Core business partnering skills: Moving beyond finance capability


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