Building, Managing and Motivating High Performance Teams

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    Over the years, much has been learned about the development and leadership of teams - what works, and what doesn’t.  New, ‘high-performing’ teams are adaptive, responsive and resourceful.  They are challenged by fast-paced work environments, intense market competition and, often, constant change. 

    Yet, alongside the buzz and excitement of innovation, sit the human factors that support team performance – people dealing with people to achieve great things together.

    Building and Motivating High Performing Teams captures the building blocks of teamwork and translates these into practical techniques that you can apply to your own team, and your own leadership style. 

    The skills required to successfully lead and develop teams are often described as ‘soft’ skills… but there’s certainly nothing ‘soft’ about finding truly meaningful ways to enable your team to excel through better engagement, communication, collaboration and creativity.


    Key Learning Outcomes

    • How to build a team
    • Setting up an optimal climate for people to thrive and excel
    • Finding the right people to ‘fit’ or enhance your team culture
    • Keeping communication – the lifeblood of your team – open and energetic
    • Managing dissention and disagreement within the team

    Past Attendee Testimonials

    “Pam provided great real life stories to illustrate points and was able to answer all questions posed”
    Alice Greer, NZ Customs Service, Project Manager

    “Pamela’s willingness to assist, her communication skills as someone to imitate, and her enthusiasm, was way beyond the advertised scope of the course!”
    Nicola Kinzett, Self-employed


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