Building, Managing and Motivating High Performance Teams

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    Building and Balancing your Team

    • Team design – why there’s not just ONE recipe for the perfect team
    • Understanding the elements of a ‘High Performance Team’
    • Finding the right talent – recruiting the people who best fit your needs
    • Optimising diversity – learning from each other and creating a rich team

    Trust and Transparency

    • Developing relationships that work for your team members
    • Recognising the ‘pitfalls’ and opportunities of ‘team-building’ - does it really work? 
    • Crafting a team ethos – establishing the ‘norms’ and expectations within your team
    • Learning to be the trusted advisor – the challenge of being first among equals

    Clarity and Commitment

    • Getting your ducks in a row – are the goals and purpose of your team really that clear?
    • Making it real – weaving the purpose and goals into everyday language and thinking
    • Communicating the big picture and your expectations in a way that energises your team

    Energy and Engagement

    • What’s most important in harmonising your team?
    • Communicating like never before – understanding why the way team members interact is more critical to success than any other single factor
    • Exploring how your team currently communicates – finding the strengths and weaknesses
    • Simple ways to boost the energy and engagement of your team

    Debate and Discord

    • Reframing divergence, disagreement and differences of opinion
    • Designing ways to enable reliably healthy conflict in your team
    • Exploring decision-making practices in your team – do they work for or against you?

    Answerability and Accountability

    • Understanding the power of peer pressure
    • Providing feedback in a way that helps people to lift their game
    • Simple 3-step intervention methods that can help correct performance

    Synergy and Success

    • Factoring reflection and innovation into team processes
    • Real time feedback – what do your team want to know everyday and how can you deliver?
    • The rules of resilience – how to support your team and enable them to bounce back
    • Change and transformation – taking people along with you even when they don’t agree 
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