Business Analytics & Performance Improvement Masterclass

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    Introduction to the fundamentals of big data and BA

    • What is big data? What are the sources of big data?
    • Understanding the concept of business analytics
    • What are analytics? What are the sources?
    • How are analytics used in the current business environment
    • Identifying the benefits of business analytics – impacts on performance and profitability


    Business performance and analytics

    • How and in what areas to enhance business performance
    • Analytics – a source of competitive advantage
    • Improving business processes using analytics
    • Customer and supplier analytics that can enhance business performance
    • Performance scorecards enhanced through analytics


    Building BA capability using management tools


    Building analytical capability

    • Assessing the organisation’s position in respect of analytics
    • Key elements in building analytical capability
    • Data mining, business intelligence and architecture
    • The possibilities from enhanced analytical capabilities
    • Challenging established business mindsets to exploit analytics


    The use of analytics for strategic finance functions

    • Strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting
    • Costing and cost structures to optimise performance
    • Activity based costing a tool to exploit analytics
    • Business forecasting and predictive performance management


    Building organisational strategy based on analytics


    Analytics as a foundation for business strategy

    • The importance of business strategy in the modern organisation
    • Strategic models and their relationship to analytics
    • Validating organisational strategy and setting KPI’s
    • Driving successful strategic outcomes using analytics


    Competing and succeeding on analytics

    • The concept of analytical competition – how to be on top
    • Winning in the marketplace using customer analytics
    • Exploring various industry level opportunities
    • Visioning the future of analytical competition


    Business analytics and organisational success


    Business analytics and financial outcomes

    • Bottom line imperatives from business analytics
    • Improving the decision-making process
    • Better alignment of resources with strategies
    • Realising cost efficiencies across the organisation
    • Transforming finance – a benefit from business analytics


    Developing an analytical culture

    • The stages of developing analytical capabilities
    • How to encourage and manage analytical people
    • Moving beyond business intelligence
    • Embedding analytics in business processes
    • Business analytics and organisational culture


    Final brief session: What has been learnt and any areas of concern

    Please note: case studies, discussion and learning experience will be integrated throughout the course

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