Business Valuation Masterclass

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18 - 19 Aug 2020Cliftons, Auckland$2199 + GST
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  • 18 - 19 Aug 2020
  • Early bird price $2199 + GST
  • Early bird ends on 20 Jul - Save $200
  • Last minute price $2399 + GST

Develop and enhance your knowledge and understanding of valuation as a general practitioner, both in theory & practice. This training course will focus on the different approaches and methods for company valuation, the process to be followed to produce credible and defensible valuations, and numerous examples of actual engagements.

Go beyond the fundamentals of business valuation to successfully tackle any valuation, however complex, with our Business Valuations Masterclass lead by expert facilitator Don Sloan


Key Learning Outcomes

*  Current trends in valuation theory, practice, approaches and methods.

*  How to identify what constitutes value and how to measure this.

*  Understand the requirements of AES No 2, 2001 Business valuation standards.

*  How to value intangible assets, intellectual property and goodwill.

*  Understand the four quadrant approach to business valuation

*  How to apply the NZ IFRS 13 fair value standard for reporting purposes.

*  What drives value in typical merger and acquisition transactions.

*  The relevance of legal statutes, policies and case law in business valuation.

*  How to apply the principal of commercial reality in valuation settings.

*  How to identify the different standards of value and when to apply them.


This course is heavy on real-world case studies and reaonably light on equations, formulea and Greek lettering. 




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    • 18 - 19 Aug 2020
    • Early bird price $2199 + GST
    • Early bird ends on 20 Jul - Save $200
    • Last minute price $2399 + GST
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