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    A business is judged on its communication. The style, tone and presentation of letters, e-mails, web content, e-newsletters, job advertisements and promotional materials all reflect the company's calibre and culture.

    This two-day workshop is designed to help you articulate your business message in a clear and concise manner that appeals to your customer – whomever that customer might be.

    We'll go back to basics and get to grips with the fundamentals of grammar and punctuation, learn how to structure (a sentence, a paragraph and a document) and share sensible tips that will help you write more efficiently and persuasively.

    This training course is ideal for anyone who wishes to improve their written business communications, and especially EAs, PAs, small business owners, managers, supervisors and non-marketers who've been handed some marketing responsibilities.

    This is an interactive, hands-on course. Its purpose is to share practical insights that are relevant to you and your business, and therefore you are encouraged to bring genuine documents – such as e-mails, proposals, letters, marketing materials – to review or work on. There will also be external real-world examples to illustrate many of the discussion topics.

    It is intended that the advice and skills you'll learn can be applied across your business communications – written and verbal.

    Key learning outcomes

    • Recognising why it can be tricky to communicate in writing – and how to overcome these challenges
    • How to create a clear, relevant message that connects with your target audience and gets results
    • How to adjust your message to suit different target audiences and/or marketing channels
    • How to self-edit and proofread
    • Acknowledging and addressing your own particular writing issues


    Level 1 - Introductory EA/PA & Office Management Courses


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