Commercial Property Law Update

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    Sale and Purchase Agreements

    • Legislative requirements that govern the salesperson during the Sale and Purchase process
    • 9th edition 2012 (2) agreement
    • Claims for compensation prior to settlement
    • GST issues
    • New tender, auction and mortgagee sale agreements
    • Due diligence clauses versus specific building and LIM clauses
    • Subject to Board approval conditions
    • Deposit Escrow Agreements

    Unit Titles Act 2010

    • Disclosure obligations on sale of properties
    • Meeting and voting procedures
    • Layered development structures
    • Disclosure requirements on developers turnover
    • Tenancy tribunal handles disputes
    • Unit Titles Amendment Act 2013

    Rights and Interests in the Commercial Property Market

    • Issues arising from unconditional agreements
    • Refund of deposit disputes
    • Valuation claims
    • Rent reviews and clauses
    • Alternative rent review methods

    Considerations in Commercial Leases

    • Provisions under short term lease
    • Provisions under sublease term
    • When is ground lease an appropriate arrangement
    • ADLS lease Sixth Edition 2012 (4)
    • Landlord’s consent
    • Right to relief if lessor refuses to enter into a renewal
    • Cancellation and re-entry
    • Notice requirements
    • Maintenance and repair issues
    • Make Good and Reinstatement
    • Insurance protection – and the effect of Christchurch earthquakes
    • Earthquake Strengthening
    • New Health and Safety Legislation
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