Essential Communication Skills

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    Communication is a fundamental skill for everyone, yet every day we see examples of it falling just shy of its maximum effectiveness.

    Learning the techniques behind clear, confident and motivating communication is essential for both your personal and professional development. Analysing the effect of everything from body language and tone of voice to mind filters and conflict, this course will arm with the tools you need for effective communication in any scenario.

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    Participants will be asked to complete a short pre-course questionnaire in order to determine key areas of focus and ensure targeted content is included on the day.

    Key Learning Outcomes

    •         How to improve interpersonal communication
    •         Develop an elevator pitch
    •         Manage yourself and diffuse conflict in difficult situations
    •         Deliver compelling presentations that clearly communicate key messages


    Who should attend?

    People from all organisational levels will benefit from developing these fundamental skills.


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