Complex Procurement & Vendor Management

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    Are you finding it difficult to get approvals for your procurement?  Are you dealing with a monopoly/limited supplier market?

    In a monopoly/limited supplier situation where you have limited options to buy from, the negotiating power of buyers is likely to be limited as suppliers will have the upper hand and the ability to set higher prices. Due to the difficulties that monopoly situations can present, innovative complex procurement strategies are crucial.


    Generally, complex procurement deals with products & services with:

    • High financial value
    • High political sensitivity
    • High environmental risk
    • High technical risks


    In this rapidly expanding global economy, it is hardly surprising that many companies are wrought with challenges to reduce the spending on external supplies and services whilst focusing on finding long term partners and suppliers/vendors that maximise efficiency and minimise cost.

    Developing and achieving complex procurement best practice can be quite a minefield as it demands a whole new approach to vendors/suppliers and significant investment in time, analysis, measurement etc. in a market with limited suppliers/vendors and competition.

    Complex Procurement & Vendor Management is designed for procurement professionals  who want to maximise their complex outsourcing & procurement planning, tender assessment, contract management, negotiation whilst managing the performance of their vendors/suppliers.

    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Produce a structured and effective complex procurement plan
    • Risk analysis and management as it applies to complex procurement
    • Learn to manage the performance of high-value vendors/suppliers effectively



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