Complex Procurement & Vendor Management

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    Introduction to Complex Procurement

    • What is involved in complex procurement?
    • Complex procurement trends and leading practices
    • Dealing with monopoly/limited supplier markets
    • A complex procurement framework that ensures alignment with business strategy
    • Application of best practice procurement


    Complex Procurement Planning

    • Format and elements of a complex procurement plan
    • Difference between simple and complex procurement plans
    • Risk analysis and risk management
    • Complex procurement plan structure
    • Steps for developing a procurement plan
    • Developing a Statement of Works


    Requesting for Offers

    • Types of Request for Offer
    • Evaluating the conditions of tender and draft conditions of contract for complex procurement
    • Effective evaluation methodologies for complex procurement
    • Benchmark evaluation criteria
    • Documentation security for complex procurement
    • Methods of conducting industry briefings
    • Issuing tender documentation
    • Procedures in receiving tenders
    • Submission of late offers - how to deal with them


    Awarding Contracts

    • The purpose of an SLA   
    • Different perspectives, why have they come to prominence?
    • When to use an SLA
    • Developing key measures for a TCO and value approach
    • Putting TCO into practice with SLAs
    • Choosing the right measures, targets, penalties, reporting etc
    • Concluding negotiations


    Effective Contract Management in a Complex Procurement Environment

    • The legal and ethical aspects of contracts and contracting
    • Planning for performance based contracts
    • Examining and managing risks that may impact on complex contract management
    • Preparing for contingencies


    Implementing & Managing the Supplier Relationship in a Complex Procurement Environment

    • Key ingredients of successful implementation
    • Project management processes
    • Complex transactions
    • Ensuring all relevant policies and legal procedures are complied with
    • Remedies for breach of contract incl. damages, specific performance and injunctions
    • Managing contract change/termination


    Supplier Performance Management in a Complex Procurement Environment

    • Process Mapping - Supplier Performance Management Process
    • Key phases of supplier management
    • Supplier Performance Management best practices
    • Review of SLA Performance
    • Measuring supplier performance in a complex procurement context
    • Terminating an SLA for non-performing suppliers
    • Documenting effective SLAs 
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