Conducting investigations & interviews

Event Details

    Situations can arise in organisations where it is necessary to carry out investigations and interviews to establish the facts of an event, uncover dishonest or illegal actions, or resolve conflict.

    Interviewing in these situations can be challenging, but can also be rewarding when there is a clear structure to follow and an understanding of how to obtain and analyse information.

    This course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to confidently lead and structure investigations and interviews. Key topics during this two-day course are supported with practical exercises, video examples, and case reviews.


    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Understand the process and structure you need to follow when undertaking investigations
    • Gain the skills to competently interview witnesses, suspects and victims
    • Recognise signs of deception and inconsistencies
    • Understand the legal limitations of what you can do
    • How to reach your conclusions

    Who should attend?

    • Internal investigators and auditors
    • HR
    • Health & Safety managers
    • General managers and team leaders
    • Unions
    • Journalists
    • Lawyers
    • Medical profession
    • Banking and insurance
    • Debt recovery teams
    • People who undertake complaint investigations


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