Corrosion, durability & life extension techniques

Event Details

    Understand the cost burden of corrosion damage to industry

    • Evaluate the durability requirements of the NZ Building Code
    • Develop a good working knowledge of corrosion control methods including protective coatings and cathodic protection

    Successful organisations cannot tolerate major corrosion failures, especially those involving personal injury, fatalities, unscheduled shutdowns and environmental contamination. Typically, once a system, a plant or any piece of equipment is put into service, maintenance is required to keep it operating safely and efficiently. This is particularly true for aging systems and structures, many of which may operate well beyond the original design life.

    This course is an intensive examination of corrosion processes, corrosion monitoring, corrosion control and corrosion prevention techniques, with particular emphasis on extending the life of critical infrastructure.

    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Understand the cost burden of corrosion in all industries
    • Identify the relationship between inspection, monitoring and maintenance
    • Understand the importance of adopting an inspection strategy
    • Understand the durability requirements of the NZ Building Code
    • Compare the advantages and disadvantages of available corrosion monitoring techniques
    • Find out how to identify alternatives in structural design to minimise corrosion damage
    • Examine material selection as a method of corrosion control
    • Have a good working knowledge of protective coatings for corrosion control
    • Be able to monitor the effectiveness of the corrosion control process
    • Understand the principles of cathodic protection

    Training Style

    This two-day course will use case study examples of corrosion, real corrosion samples, and a phased approach to life extension of infrastructure. All attendees will be provided with a workbook and a certificate of attendance.

    Who Should Attend

    • Chief/Project/Consulting/Plant/Service/Maintenance Engineers
    • Inspection Officers - private, government and local bodies
    • Asset/Pipeline Integrity Managers and Designers
    • Risk Managers and Insurance Assessors
    • Non-Destructive Testing personnel
    • Building Inspectors and Certifiers
    • Engineers who are beginning their professional development
    • Technical Managers in the process industries - oil, gas, petrochemical, refinery, pipelines, construction, storage tanks, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers
    • Protective coating companies
    • Companies supplying corrosion-resistant alloys/materials

    Past Attendee Testimonials

    “I came to update my knowledge. Even after some 45 years in engineering I finished up doing some serious learning. Every engineer should attend this seminar.”
    Neil Burgess, Contracts Engineer, Eastland Infrastructure



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