Creating an Effective Strategic Communications Plan

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    Effective communication is critical to your organisation’s success. Many corporate and government organisations are excellent at taking action, but less confident about communicating with their various audiences.

    A Strategic Communications Plan helps by organising your communications with a written blueprint for actions and activities: what, how, when, where, and to whom you should be communicating.

    When properly done, strategic communications planning takes into account all aspects of your organisation’s public image. It provides criteria for making day-to-day decisions about communications, and a template against which all such decisions can be evaluated. This leads to greater focus and effectiveness.

    The plan starts with a clear set of communication objectives. It explains in detail which audiences you wish to reach, what (and perhaps what not) to communicate, the time frame for carrying out these actions, media to be used, and how much each step will cost. It also includes plans for evaluation, so results can be measured and improvements made in the future.

    Writing a Strategic Communications Plan can be daunting. Working sessions within this seminar will help you to develop a framework for a clear plan and approach. This will help your organisation to achieve its goals more effectively, by successfully promoting the identity and services of your firm.

    Key learning objectives

    • Clarify what you want to communicate
    • Choose your intended audience by identifying the best opportunities
    • Determine which media will provide you with the best chance of reaching your audience
    • Craft your message to heighten its impact and produce maximum results
    • Develop effective strategies for measuring each element of your total communications plan
    • Establish timelines for the implementation of your communications plan
    • Review your communications plan for future success

    Who should attend
    Communications professionals including:

    • Communications Managers
    • Marketing Managers
    • Corporate Communications Professionals
    • Public Relations Professionals
    • Media Relations Managers



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