Customer Experience Mapping

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    “A good customer experience starts with the customer’s perspective”

    Creating a customer experience map is one of the best methods for understanding how customers interact with your company. It uncovers opportunities for where and how you can improve a customer’s experience. A better customer experience increases loyalty, satisfaction, spend and referrals.

    Using graphics, pictures and other visual cues an experience map describes the behavioural, mental and physical aspects of your customers’ experience, allowing you to not only better understand the customer’s journey but also how different departments within your company work together to strengthen or weaken a customer’s experience at each touch points. 

    The best kind of map provides an at-a-glance dashboard view that quickly shows where pain points exist in a process. It’s something that can be easily shared with both managers and employees throughout the organisation to show them how they can make an impact and help drive change.


    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Learn how to map the customer’s real experience from their point of view
    • Learn how to uncover the customer experience through observing and interviewing customers to draw out feelings, motivations and activities
    • Identify barriers and ‘pain points’ in your customers’ interactions with your brand and products
    • Identify areas of opportunity to improve the customer experiences
    • How to use experience mapping to drive innovation within your organisation


    This is a true ‘how to’ course. You will get to practice the full experience mapping process: from observation & interviewing, to building an experience map and identifying opportunities to improve an experience, .


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