Dealing with difficult & different personalities

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Event Details

    Gain the skills and confidence to deal with challenging personality types. Learn how to keep your composure and avoid escalating the problems when interacting with unreasonable people.

    Through practical exercises and drawing on our facilitator’s vast experience and psychology background, you will be empowered to pick your battles, turn around negative behaviours and attitudes, communicate effectively, and set clear boundaries for what you will and will not tolerate.

    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Explore the psychology behind different personality types – what makes a "difficult" person?
    • Learn how the conscious and subconscious mind shape behaviour
    • Learn your triggers – which people will you perceive as more difficult than others?
    • Manage the emotions in the workplace
    • Avoid unintentionally escalating the problem
    • Tips to remain calm and stress-free in tense situations
    • Understand the praise and punishment trap
    • Keys to communicate effectively to handle difficult people
    • Match your communication style to different personalities
    • Explore how you can be soft on the person and firm on the issue
    • Using assertiveness to address difficult behaviours
    • Constructively manage complaints  and aggression
    • Create permanent behaviour change without having to confront

    Who should attend?

    If you can think of a person you find difficult or challenging to deal with (and most people can!) then this course is for you!


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