Dealing with difficult & different personalities

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    The psychology behind personality types

    • What defines a “Difficult Person”?
    • Examples of unreasonable behaviour
    • How the conscious and subconscious mind shape behaviour
    • Your triggers – why you will perceive some people as more difficult than others
    • How to re-programme challenging behaviours
    • Simple tools to analyse personal interactions
    • The power of “reverse psychology”


    Managing the emotions

    • How we sometimes unintentionally escalate the problem
    • Don’t make it personal – separate yourself and the person from the issue
    • Understanding the world from their perspective
    • How to remain calm and stress-free in tense situations
    • Questioning skills to disarm unreasonable and difficult behaviour
    • The praise and punishment trap
    • Giving people a chance to change with dignity
    • Knowing when to seek outside support


    How to communicate effectively to handle difficult people

    • Matching your communication style to the different personalities
    • Ensuring that people genuinely listen to you
    • Minimise misinterpretations and misunderstandings
    • Clearly defining and describing the problem to be addressed
    • Avoid being side-tracked by excuses, arguments and denials
    • Using problem ownership to keep the spotlight on them, not you
    • How to be soft on the person and firm on the issue
    • Gaining constructive solutions and commitment to change
    • Using the LEAP listening model
    • Establishing a follow-up process to ensure a successful outcome


    Using assertiveness skills to address difficult behaviours

    • How not to let the difficult person make you feel inadequate or uncomfortable
    • Setting your boundaries - don’t excuse unacceptable behaviour
    • Different types of power you can use to affect change
    • Simple techniques to defuse sarcastic remarks
    • Responding to constructive and destructive criticism
    • Using the Broken Record technique to deal with unreasonable demands


    Constructively managing complaints and aggression

    • Recognising the difference between pseudo and authentic resistance
    • How to best respond to aggressive behaviour
    • Using the Reasonable Person Test
    • Turning complaints into commitments
    • Creating permanent behaviour change without having to confront
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