Dealing with Workplace Pressure & Stress

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    When we manage our stress levels effectively it can have a very positive effect. High levels of stress, if managed well can cause us to become more motivated, energetic, confident and creative. Problems can arise, however, when our stress levels become too high, too low, or when high levels of stress occur over long periods of time.

    Dealing with Workplace Pressure & Stress teach participants how to build resilience to pressure and thrive on stress. While the emphasis is on teaching techniques for managing work related stress, the workshop will also give you the tools to manage stress private issues that might impact on your job. 


    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Understand a conceptual model of stress which clarifies the relationship between organisational and personal life factors.
    • Develop techniques for monitoring and managing stress generated by organisational factors.
    • Have an understanding of the concept of stress, as well as it’s positive and negative impacts.
    • Be more effective at recognising the symptoms of stress in themselves and others.
    • Develop techniques for managing stress from overload and underload.
    • Understand how to manage the physical symptoms of stress and how to avoid becoming trapped in an anxiety loop.

    Training Methodology

    The format includes formal presentation, small group discussions and a practical exercise. The discussion exercises are focused around specific topics and it is not expected that participants will have to ‘bare their souls’ or openly discuss how stressed they are feeling.


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