Delivering Customer Service Excellence

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    Setting the scene for customer service excellence

    • The changing nature of customer service 
    • Defining customer charters and the benefits of a customer-focused organisation 
    • How can customer charters allow differentiation from the competition?
    • Ensuring consistency in customer service & buy-in actions across your organisation
    • Understand what you have to offer

    Understand your customers

    • Customer behaviour & expectations
    • The rising power of the customer 
    • Assess customer life-time value
    • Meet, manage and exceed customer expectations
    • Deal with changing expectations
    • Steps in the customer service process
    • The loyalty ladder

    Retain customers with service excellence

    • What is service excellence? 
    • Why retain current customers?
    • Internal versus external customers
    • Care for existing customers
    • Provide an accessible service
    • Understand legislation and standards around consumer rights
    • Promote your organisation
    • Gain new business and customers
    • Under promise and over deliver: Going the extra mile

    Connect with your customers

    • Develop a relationship between you as the service provider and the customer
    • Inspire confidence and build trust both as an expert and service professional
    • Become aware of the importance of body language and active listening
    • Make use of effective questioning
    • Present information to customers as valued individuals 
    • Excel in written, face to face and telephone conversations

    Deal with customer dissatisfaction

    • Tips and techniques for effective complaint handling
    • Preparing to handle a complaint: a step by step guide
    • How to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome post-complaint
    • The value of customer feedback
    • Service recovery

    Improve customer service

    • Review your performance 
    • Plan for service improvement
    • Acknowledge the importance of the full customer experience
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