Designing Safe Buildings for the Future

Event Details

    With raising costs in building materials, tightening legal restrictions and heightened social concern of safety in buildings and environmental concerns, it is becoming increasingly important to adopt great design principles which are also cost effective.

    There is more to “safety” and “future proofing” than just structural strengthening. This course will teach you how to incorporate important elements into your designs including; health and safety elements and flexibility of the building for future uses. First person views from industry experts on designing for particular elements and safety aspects will be used throughout the course. You will learn how to save money and avoid legal red-tape whilst implementing these best practice design elements.


    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Designing buildings to adapt to changes in usage, needs and requirements in the future
    • Ways to navigate through council and legal requirements for building designs
    • Incorporating health and safety requirements and environmental elements into your designs to make better buildings
    • Ways to reduce your building costs whilst still having future thinking and innovative design elements


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