Developing Assertiveness & Self Confidence at Work

7 - 8 Aug 2019Wellington$2399 + GST
3 - 4 Sep 2019Auckland$2399 + GST
19 - 20 Nov 2019Wellington$2099 + GST
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Defining objectives and overcoming limitations

  • Identify your personal goals and develop case studies

  • Understand and eliminate fear of failure

  • Overcome feelings of intimidation and self-doubt

  • Avoid the hidden traps of trying to succeed

  • Individual activity: Completing assertiveness scoping questionnaires

Influencing through listening and questioning

  • Understand how we often listen without hearing

  • Learn the Lesson of the Fist

  • Master the Four Levels of Listening to eliminate arguments

  • Use the LEAP model to defuse anger and generate solutions

  • Turn your pen into a powerful listening device

  • Mini-skills development: Questioning and listening

Managing stress and frustration in the workplace

  • Understand how stress and anger are created

  • Eliminate worry in two minutes

  • Use five questions to block out negative emotions

  • Recognise the hidden, non-verbal messages of anger

  • Set boundaries and managing conflict


Tapping the full power of the subconscious mind

  • Learn how the conscious and subconscious mind control our behaviour

  • Recognise how we accidently hypnotise ourselves to fail

  • Re-wire the brain to become assertive and self-confident

  • Master the Seven Rules for personal reprogramming

  • Reprogram others to overcome negative behaviours

  • Flush out negative, self-defeating messages

  • Build a mental blueprint for success

  • Activity: Competing the Virus Checker

Using assertiveness skills to achieve your goals

  • Understand your ten personal assertiveness rights

  • Differentiate between helpful and destructive criticism

  • Give or accept criticism positively and without conflict

  • How to say ‘No’ in a non-confrontational way

  • Use fogging to deal with ‘guilt trips’, sarcasm and ‘emotional blackmail’

  • How to constructively defend your decisions and ideas

  • Activity: Practicing assertiveness techniques

Confronting and resolving difficult or sensitive issues

  • Develop a simple plan to address potentially tricky issues
  • Avoid being drawn into the ‘problem’ trap
  • Communicate your needs in an assertive but sensitive manner
  • Get to the heart of the issue without probing
  • Ensure long term buy-in and commitment to a good outcome
  • Activity: Applying the Seven Step model
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