Developing a Customer Centric Organisation

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    The business world has long identified customer service as a crucial differentiator for long term sustainable success. However, excellent customer service goes beyond maintaining a pleasant level of service at the front line or just keeping customers satisfied. 

    Customer centricity is an all-encompassing approach that requires an organisation to reorient their entire operating model around the customer – which means organisations may even have to make dramatic internal organisation changes and evolve from keeping customers satisfied to impressing customers.
    Developing a Customer Centric Organisation is a practical course that examines and assesses the big picture of customer centricity whilst helping you to develop the capability to become more customer centric. You will emerge from the course with valuable insights and perspectives in leveraging a customer centric strategy to increase your profitability in the long term. 


    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Understand why and how customer centricity is more important than customer satisfaction
    • Increase business opportunities and profitability with customer centric strategy
    • Establish how a customer-centric strategy can increase profitability and shareholder value?
    • Find out how you can optimise customer-centric systems and processes cost effectively
    • Identify who your internal and external customers are and make necessary organisational changes to improve the situation
    • Overcome the disconnection between the concept of customer-centricity and financial accounting system
    • Gain buy-in from top management


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