Developing Resilience and Mental Toughness

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    Bad things happen. Whether it’s losing a pitch, a client or missing out on a promotion, we all face adversity in one form or another throughout a lifetime. Resilience is the ability to deal with it, process it, and get back on track. Developing mental toughness can improve your performance in every area of life, and this 2-day course is here to give you the injection of mental stamina you need.

    Resilient people bounce back from difficulties faster, thrive under pressure, adapt better to changing environments, have higher energy levels and are better able to manage stress. Gain the skills to turn adversity into an opportunity to learn and grow. Find out how to train your brain to stop feeling dejected, victimised, or angry, so you can respond quickly and constructively to crises.

    Key Learning Outcomes

    • How resilience works
    • Assessing your personal resilience
    • Facing adversity with confidence
    • Taking ownership of your thoughts and emotions
    • Techniques to bounce back and thrive under pressure
    • Continuing to build your resilience: Action plan


    All attendees to a Brightstar course receive a Certificate of Accreditation acknowledging their training and their journey to New Skills, New Thinking.
    Independent research has verified that this recognition is highly valued by your employees.

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