The EA/PA as a Master & Manager of Self & People

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    Introduction: Self-mastery - the key to success

    "Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power’" Lao Tzu.

    Self-mastery is about understanding yourself and being the best version of yourself. It is based upon 3Cs:

    • Character (Who are you)
    • Competency (What you do)
    • Connection (How you relate to others)

    Being true to yourself: Building a platform of authenticity

    • Personal values: Understanding what is important for you to be satisfied at work.
    • Identify what you are capable of becoming
    • What invigorates and fulfils you?
    • What is unique about you – your personal brand?
    • What value do you bring to your role and to your manager?
    • Assertively going in the direction of your dreams

    Building on your natural strengths

    • Understanding different personality types and communication and behaviour preferences
    • What aspects of your personality are you using well as strengths in your role?
    • What could you do more of to achieve your goals?
    • Which aspects of your personality may be hindering you in achieving your goals?
    • Discover the Strength Finder tool©

    Shifting your mind set to achieve your goals

    • The six traits of successful people
    • Competency – how competent and consistent are you in your performance?
    • Are you really spending your time productively? Check it out
    • Understand how to maximise your brain to own and achieve your personal goals
    • Create a growth mind-set that motivates you to drive change
    • Use Positive Psychology at work and for yourself at home
    • Eliminate the 3 key brain messages that stop us moving forward
    • Creating a professional development change pathway

    Developing your strengths as a leader

    • Assess your leadership competencies and learn how you can develop your strengths
    • Identify those additional skills and tools that can make you a better leader
    • Learn to recognise and take up opportunities for leadership
    • Step out from ‘behind’ your manager to establish your own identity
    • Understand the power of using Emotional Intelligence to lead

    Managing behaviour in others

    • Learn the 3 simple ways to forever manage behaviour in others you find challenging
    • Learn how to communicate confidently and assertively
    • Develop and use positive power and authority
    • Modelling behaviour you want to see in others
    • What happens when it is your boss who is challenging?
    • How active listening skills can help resolve emotionally charged and tense situations
    • How not to take it personally

    Getting results without authority

    • Get what you need from others to accomplish your job
    • Create partnerships that get you the information and resources you need
    • Identify stakeholders , influence them effectively and manage their power and interest as you want it to be
    • Build relationships within the organisation as a client and potential support for your own growth and development
    • Achieve trust and establish good relationships up, down, and across the organisation
    • Successfully sell your ideas and implement change


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