Effective Content Marketing

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    Overview of content marketing

    • The iBrain and the changing behaviour of customers
    • How content marketing enhances customer engagement and conversion
    • The convergence of social and content marketing (engagement, not merely likes)
    • The process: Strategy, Creation and Syndication.


    Content creation strategy

    • Thinking and planning like the media
    • Positioning, objectives and key messages
    • Understanding your target market and what they want to know


    The content mix: Creating content which can be supplied socially

    • The rise of user generated content e.g. reviews and video
    • Understanding different types of content (long form, short form, micro form, presentation form)
    • Selecting the types of content that best fit your strategy (video, podcasts, micro-sites, blogs, press releases, white papers…)
    • Integrating content and ‘marketing’ objectives


    Content ideas and development (stories from the bottom up)

    • Approaches to content development
    • How information is organised and what people trust


    Creating interesting and compelling content 

    • Inform, educate, entertain)
    • Influencing the influencers to amplify your reach


    Syndication (distribution) strategy

    • Building your digital footprint
    • Identifying relevant syndication channels
    • How to package content for different distribution channels (quality, repurposing and integration - humanise)
    • Actual distribution channels for content and their relevance to your objectives
    • Automating online content syndication
    • Planning your content distribution strategy
    • Distributing content via social media
    • Using your sales force and customers as syndicators for getting your content out there
    • Using industry standard platforms e.g. Youtube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Flickr
    • Mapping your content marketing to sales buying cycles


    Online engagement and measurement

    • Useful and engnaging content across bought, earned and owned media
    • Keyword, key messages and market research (synchronising web PR with social media)
    • Content optimisation and conversion for search and social media
    • Diversifying marketing channels and messages
    • Measurement (better understanding of analytics)
    • Best practices
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