Facilitation and Presentation Skills

15 - 16 Oct 2020Cliftons, Auckland$2099 + GST
19 - 20 Nov 2020Cliftons, Wellington$2099 + GST
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The Facilitation and Presentation Skills is a 2-day course designed to give you the skills to expertly:

  • Manage group dynamics
  • Facilitate teams, groups and meetings
  • Present for quality outcomes

No matter what role, level, organisation or industry, we all need to lead groups and teams, facilitate outcomes and present to a variety of audiences with a diversity of agendas.

Employees often dread being asked to give a presentation to a panel, lead a group discussion or talk at a conference and yet these are the opportunities that set people apart and provide enormous value to organisations today.

Being able to confidently step up to these kinds of tasks, is a careful balance of technique, self-assurance and practice. Lack of confidence is often the biggest challenge and can be why people avoid presenting or facilitating. Negative self-talk can then exasperate the problem. “What if I mess up my presentation or look foolish?”

Whilst completely normal, fear of speaking to or facilitating groups can limit you from adding value in group discussions, sharing your ideas, presenting solutions and ultimately can limit your career opportunities.

In addition, the fear and anxiety results in avoidance and then a person has even less opportunity to practice and finesse their skills, so they never overcome the barriers.

There’s an art to both facilitating groups and presenting and the good news is that the skills, techniques and tools can be learnt and when applied, create real effectiveness and efficiency of outcome.

Whether you are new to facilitating and presenting or are looking at refreshing your skills, this course will give you the toolkit you need to be able to feel confident, look confident and better get to goal, saving relationships, egos and time!


Key Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme participants will walk away with:

  • Greater confidence, self-belief and a toolkit to support them with groups
  • A great understanding of group dynamics, what this looks like in reality, application and achieving optimum effectiveness and efficiency
  • The basics of effective and efficient meetings (whatever context)
  • A picture of success as a great Facilitator of groups
  • A Toolkit of techniques, tools and ideas when facilitating a group in any situation, ensuring outcomes are met and relationships are in tact
  • Their unique personal Impact plan whether facilitating and leading groups or Presenting
  • A clear understanding of how to present effectively and better manage nerves
  • A toolkit of techniques, communication and tools for many types of presentations


Past Delegate Testimonial

"Thank you so much for a fantastic training day with Penny - a really accomplished professional. Highly recommended!"
Sabine Scholl, Risk Manager, Housing New Zealand


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