Facilitation and Presentation Skills

15 - 16 Oct 2020Cliftons, Auckland$2099 + GST
19 - 20 Nov 2020Cliftons, Wellington$2099 + GST
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Group Dynamics

  • The theory and application of group dynamics and Tuckman’s process
  • Application in diverse contexts
  • Creating containment and connection as a foundation for success
  • Tools and techniques that are essential to group dynamics
  • Common challenges to effective group dynamics and how to eliminate or minimise them
  • Avoiding group dysfunction
  • Operating within and outside of the group, making good use of both
  • Minimising waste and creating efficiency
  • Understanding use of roles, processes and  effective media within contexts
  • Essentials for effective meetings


The Facilitator Toolkit

  • Defining a good facilitator
  • The 3 core roles of a good facilitator and how they work together
  • Establishing trust and connection
  • Core facilitation behaviours and what they look like
  • Key techniques and tools that drive outcomes
  • Common pitfalls and how to avoid these


Participatory and group management techniques and skills

  • Choosing the correct processes and tools for the group situation
  • Tools for analysis, problem solving and decision making situations
  • Applying divergent and convergent thinking
  • Techniques for developing and maintaining group cohesion
  • Key communication and facilitation techniques for managing a dysfunctional group or individual
  • Managing challenging behaviours
  • Key tools to apply
  • When you can’t be heard and what to do; speaking up to be heard 

Creating your Personal Impact

  • Facilitation communication with the ‘group’ and individuals
  • Demonstrating personal presence and confidence
  • The role and importance of key non-verbal and verbal effectiveness
  • Creating immediate impression and authenticity effective for NZ
  • Use of personal style to develop self, quickly spot others, flex communication and be better heard
  • The key components of influencing within groups and when presenting
  • Creating your Plan


The Presenters Toolkit

  • Understanding and targeting your audience
  • How to effectively and efficiently structure your presentation
  • Options for differing presentation types
  • Streamlining your own presenting goal(s)
  • Fundamentals of good presenting
  • Using stories and humour effectively
  • Application of personal styles as a tool when presenting and talking to your audience
  • Checklist of essentials for a good presenter
  • Managing ‘stage fright’ and nerves
  • Preparing for and handling questions, objections and challenging behaviour
  • Effective use of visual aids
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
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