Effectively Managing Restructuring & Redundancies

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    To enhance and minimise loss of company value in this increasingly competitive and technologically advanced global and local economy, restructuring and redundancies are gradually becoming commonplace throughout the economy.

    Nevertheless, restructuring and redundancy is a serious matter. Thus any employer considering a restructuring and redundancy plan would have to consider the provisions, entitlements, alternatives of any compensation concerning restructuring and redundancy that may apply to affected employees.

    Restructuring and redundancy can be seen as a particularly damaging form of change on redundant as well as survivors. And worst of all, if the restructuring and redundancy plan fails to achieve the objectives on which it was justified, it may give rise to further unfavourable consequences.


    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Explore critical issues of restructuring in NZ
    • Identify and understand the implications of redundancy on employers and employees
    • Find out when redundancy entitlements are applicable and alternatives to redundancy
    • Study and understand clauses and protection provisions in employment agreements
    • Learn real-life lessons from past cases
    • Find out how you can add value to the consultation and selection process
    • Be able to draft out a restructuring proposal confidently through hands-on practical exercises 


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