Financial Analysis of Investment

Event Details

    To develop an understanding and proficiency in applying the various economic principles, corporate finance ideas and concepts of financial management in analysing alternative investment decisions in a business operation.
    As businesses become increasingly competitive, executives across the board are required to improve decision-making and understanding of investments and project proposals. In other words, executives need to have an in-depth understanding of financial analysis before they make any investment decisions for their businesses.


    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Develop an understanding of how to gain maximum benefit from various aspects of investment appraisal
    • Appreciate the broader economic, political and organisational factors and how they can be integrated with financial decision-making for investments
    • Be able to mitigate risks by defining and measuring risks
    • Develop your skills on a range of investment analysis techniques
    • Learn to conduct diversification reviews and establish efficient portfolios

    Who Should Attend

    Financial Analysis of Investment is designed for finance executives and management in corporates and is also relevant to professionals in advisory firms. This course will benefit:

    • Financial Controllers
    • Finance Managers
    • Financial Planners
    • General Managers
    • Managing Directors
    • Directors of Strategic Planning
    • Financial Directors
    • Professional Advisors

    This course will also benefit executives who have basic but limited financial background, who feel that they could do better with renewed knowledge and understanding of the essentials of financial analysis, investment planning, credit analysis, assessing the value of various investment assets etc. Through the trainer’s expertise and industry experience, you will emerge from this course with the ability to apply analytical techniques to investment decision-making for your business.



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