Inhouse - Health and Safety Update Training

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    1-day training with 3 unique sessions

    Many people in an organisation are responsible for Health & Safety. Officers and Directors are responsible at a govarnance level. Senior managers need to understand how they contribute to creating a health and safety culture and also have particular health and safety resposibilities for their people. The health and safety team and commitee members are tasked with identifying and remedying hazards. The expert facilitator has developed a special training day comprising of three sessions that are tailored to their specific audiences and can be delivered in any order. This training will enable each audience to understand their obligations under Health and Safety Act and Regulations – including case law interpretations that are coming from our court system; the first prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act was completed on 23th August 2017.


    Officers – Directors / CEO - 2 hours

    • An overview of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
    • Understanding PCBU’s, Officers and Workers H&S responsibilities
    • Governance versus Management
    • The role of H&S committees and representatives at a high level
    • Discussion: Due Diligence requirements


    Senior Managers - 2 hours

    • The obligations of the business in relation to Health and Safety
    • Specific hazards involved in this organisation
    • Improving the H&S culture within the organisation
    • What you should be expecting from your H&S Committee
    • Appropriate H&S KPIs


    Health and Safety Team - 3 hours

    • An overview of the expectations on the Committee
    • The steps required to deliver on these expectations
    • Methods for improving worker participation and improving workplace H&S culture in the organisation
    • Tour of the facility from a H&S perspective – identifying hazards and issues
    • Dealing with and creating solutions for the findings of the tour.



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