Integrating e-learning in your L & D Strategy

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    An L&D strategy is a plan that aligns training and development needs with the business strategy. This provides a framework to identify factors affecting workplace productivity and to find means to enhance knowledge and skills in those areas. In a global and connected world the L&D strategy should be the starting point in which to make key decisions on how to best utilize e-learning.

    In this workshop we will evaluate the ever-growing range of learning and e-learning solutions that are available - on big and small budgets. This will enable you to obtain full benefit from your learning programmes, by selecting the range of approaches and resources that best match your organizational goals.


    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Identifying what constitutes a training issue
    • Making decisions around the right training delivery modes for your organisation
    • Developing awareness of budget implications
    • Exploring how e-learning can support your L&D strategy
    • Applying strategies for ensuring e-learning is inspiring and engaging
    • Selecting the right tools and processes in support of informal learning


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