Introduction to Your New Role as EA/PA or Office Manager

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    Congratulations on your new role as an EA/PA or Office Manager. The success you have exhibited in your career has laid the groundwork for you to successfully undertake this vital role. Organisations are built on the powerhouse roles carried out by people like you. The work you do, how you do it, and how you work inside of your organisation is vital to successful outcomes for the business, for your manager and for you.

    The course Introduction to Your New Role As PA/EA or Office Manager will provide you with all of the skills, awareness and insight you need to confidently carry out your role and function.

    The course schedule is specifically designed to provide strong knowledge and insight into the most significant areas of competency required for the new PA/EA or Office Manager. Forget about what form goes where, or how an invoice should be signed off. This is a strong, competency-based course which is designed to help shape your first years in what will be a long and successful career.


    Key learning outcomes

    • Understand and look after your managers and support their effectiveness & impact
    • Learn how to use your influence to achieve success and get people doing what you need them to do
    • Build relationships and understand and manage behaviours and personalities around you
    • Be the master of both the proactive and the reactive
    • Gain essential time & priority management tips
    • Learn to be an effective and confident decision maker
    • Manage stress in yourself and others
    • Write for clarity and impact



    Past Delegate Testimonials

    "The course covered a range of topics essential to my role. The techniques and strategies provided can be easily implemented. Vaulable and relevant discussions were facilitated well by Elaine throughout the course."
    Maxine Smith, Executive Business Co-ordinator, Ballance Agri-Nutrients

    "Practical training, would use these tactics at work tomorrow."
    Christina Kang, Practice Administrator, Apollo Medical Centre

    Level 1 - Introductory EA/PA & Office Management Courses


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