Leadership, Culture and Collaboration in Health & Safety

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    It all comes back to leadership – real leadership. The “walk”, not just the “talk”. This workshop will explore the very practical and tangible relationship between culture and leadership, all the while remembering that none of this is actually possible, or in fact purposeful, without the active participation of the troops on the ground. We’ll explore ways to get real collaboration from all in the workplace – ultimately re-enforcing the safety culture – getting to the point where safety is simply “the way we do things around here”. 


    Key Learning Outcomes

    • The role of leadership in selling the vision of safety culture to the organisation
    • Learn how to engage staff, gain buy-in from management and create a genuine positive safety culture.
    • Discuss & review tools for addressing common challenges & barriers to safety culture development
    • Put the emphasis on a positive, proactive safety environment


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