Leadership, Culture and Collaboration in Health & Safety

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    Concepts & Theory

    • What is Safety Culture?
    • Safety Culture & Safety Climate 
    • Safety Leadership  
    • Safety as a ‘social’ framework 

    Attitudes, Behaviours and Culture

    • Creating a Positive, Proactive Safety Culture
    • Attitude-Behaviour-Culture model
    • Modern motivation theories examined
    • The four principles of motivation
    • Incentive Programs - can you take advantage of natural human instinct e.g. competitiveness between work peers?
    • Understanding what will change and communicating it to relevant people

    Designing a Safety Culture / Perception Study

    • What are the first steps in bringing about change?
    • Encouraging development of best practices
    • Designing a survey that works for your organisation 
    • Incorporating your organisation’s requirements
    • Getting active involvement and participation
    • Interpreting results
    • Benchmarking
    • Feedback and plan of action

    Common challenges and barriers to safety culture development

    • Improving reporting when not visible on site
    • Challenges with money and management: hazards recognised but difficulty with elimination
    • Getting buy-in
    • Measuring change
    • How to reward / or not!

    Measuring Safety Culture

    • Safety Culture Models e.g. James Reason & Patrick Hudson   
    • Safety Culture Indicators      
    • Assessment of Safety Culture
    • Analysing past data and KPIs – key lessons learned?
    • Collecting feedback from employees: internal surveys and motivation to participate     

    Gaining Buy-in  

    • Principles behind Just Culture
    • Punishment versus learning in the context of error and violation
    • A practical approach to implementation

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