Leadership Development for Women

Interactive online training course

10 - 11 Nov 2020Cliftons, Auckland$2199 + GST
17 - 19 Feb 2021interactive Online Course, 9:00am to 1:00pm NZT$1399 + GST
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  • 10 - 11 Nov 2020
  • Early bird price $2199 + GST
  • Early bird ends on 6 Oct - Save $200
  • Last minute price $2399 + GST
  • 17 - 19 Feb 2021
  • interactive Online Course, 9:00am to 1:00pm NZT
  • Super saver price $1399 + GST
  • Super saver ends on 18 Dec - Save $100
  • Last minute price $1499 + GST


Workshop Outline:

Part 1: SHAPE – define and create your leadership identity

  • Leader or Manager – what’s the difference and why does it matter?

Clarifying the relationship between managing and leading, and what they mean in practice

  • The evolution of leadership – why do ideas about leadership keep changing?

Leadership ideas keep developing over time, but how do you know what’s still relevant?

  • What do we expect of our Leaders - exploring contemporary leadership thinking

Why progressive leaders never stop learning and examining new leadership insights and ideas

  • Leading with all you are – what is authenticity and why does it matter?

People can spot leaders who aren’t authentic a mile off, but how do you operate authentically?

  • How your values underpin everything you do as a Leader

When did you last really think about what you stand for, both as an individual and as a Leader?

  • Self-mastery and character – exploring your unique character strengths

Throughout history, great leaders have been recognised for character strengths – what are yours?

  • How your talents align to your leadership capability

Talents are different to strengths – what do you bring to the table?

  • Understanding your purpose – what do you want to achieve from your lifetime of work?

Cultivate your focus about the “big picture” of your aspirations and your purpose


Part 2: FITNESS - develop your leadership capability and confidence

  • Leadership blind spots – tackling behaviours that can derail you as a leader

Anticipate and avoid the common pitfalls that can damage your leadership impact

  • Recognising the simple things that can help or hinder your success as a female leader

What are some of the more common behaviours or habits that can be limiting for women?

  • Insights from powerful women leaders to inspire and focus you

Some of the most inspirational advice can come from other women who have excelled as leaders

  • Backing yourself – does your approach to assertiveness work for you?

Examining your relationship with assertiveness and how you can shape your own behaviour

  • Credibility and influence – how can you consciously create more impact?

Practical things to be mindful of when you need to make yourself more powerful

  • Must I be an extrovert to lead effectively?  Celebrating the power of introversion

Exploring the myth that all leaders need to be high on the extroversion scale

  • Same situation: different meaning – are men and women really from different planets?

What part does gender play in communication, relationships, perception and power?

  • IQ, EQ and multiple intelligences – why leaders need more than just competence

What IS EQ anyway? And how does it impact on leadership success?


Part 3: ENDURANCE – cultivate culture, performance and your leadership legacy

  • What is a high-performance team and what makes some teams stronger than others?

Key characteristics that enable high performance teams to evolve and excel

  • How leaders strengthen teamwork and help their teams to evolve

Can teams really self-manage?  What part does leadership play in team performance?

  • The art of ‘culturing’ – demystifying one of the greatest challenges for leaders

Key considerations for leaders when trying to build a new culture, or change an existing one

  • Switching to modern-day motivational paradigms and tapping into what works

Ideas around motivation have changed and there are three core concepts for leaders to understand

  • What do leaders need to know about change?

The connection between leading process and leading people during change

  • How innovation differs from change and why it dominates leadership thinking globally

Understanding how Moore’s Law, technology and disruption are changing everything

  • Getting the balance right – plan for your life, not just for your career

Five things you can do to start the process of designing your “big picture”

  • Leaving self-doubt behind and stepping out of your comfort zone

In 2017, 49.5% of world population is female – what does it take to get us to a world of 50:50 leadership?


      • 10 - 11 Nov 2020
      • Early bird price $2199 + GST
      • Early bird ends on 6 Oct - Save $200
      • Last minute price $2399 + GST
      • 17 - 19 Feb 2021
      • interactive Online Course, 9:00am to 1:00pm NZT
      • Super saver price $1399 + GST
      • Super saver ends on 18 Dec - Save $100
      • Last minute price $1499 + GST
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